Not this.


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“Everyone who ever changed their life or laid claim to their own destiny began by surrendering to two words: not this.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Maybe this is living a life chasing perfection.

Maybe this is trying to please everyone but yourself.

Maybe this is grinding until you’re burnt out on a regular basis.

Or this is finding yourself spending more time scrolling Facebook than logging face-to-face time with your loved ones.

Maybe this is a life riddled with vices and addictions intended to numb the very pain you know you need to heal.

Or this is staring at a computer screen too often and the sunset too rarely.

Maybe this is a relationship you no longer find yourself wanting to be a part of or a job that sucks the life out of you.

Not this is a powerful awareness. Not this is a means of learning what we want, by learning what we don’t want. Not this is a next step, even if you don’t know what that next step actually looks like.

I can’t say exactly what wasn’t working in my life to lead me to the point I’m at now, where I felt no choice but to strip my life down to no social media, no phone notifications, no noise; where free time is spent journaling and reading and writing on the balcony and drinking flavored sparkling waters in the bathtub and meditating at my altar and saving Air BnB’s I plan to go stay in to my favorites list.

I can just say that each day, not this became louder and louder, until I couldn’t ignore it or pretend it wasn’t there.

Last night was the New Moon in Aries, and the first New Moon of the new astrological New Year, and a Super New Moon. Whoa. All wrapped up in a beautiful little package with a label that says, “take action on new beginnings.”

If there’s a part of your life that needs to be not this-ed, that needs a fresh start, that needs a new look, that needs exploration and transformation, now is the time to dig deep and begin exploring and shifting.

Hit reply and share with me what changes you’d like to make if you feel comfortable. As always, I’d love to support you and share space with you.

Here’s to becoming closer to the life we truly want to live and the humans we truly want to be.


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