e-commerce copywriter

Show authority & ooze value with a polished, professional launch designed to raise your revenue, build your list, and increase your impact.

The value it delivers:

If you’re still writing your own launch copy, you’re missing out on increasing your revenue by hiring a professional copywriter. Not only does an expert copywriter increase the success of a launch, but they also decrease the time you spend chained to your laptop, writing draft after draft. 

You’re overwhelmed by the amount of copy required for a successful launch, and you’re on your way to burn out – quick.

But the worst part? Without professional launch copy, you’re also not reaching all the people whose lives you could transform.

A professional copywriter also answers the persistent question in the back of your mind: is my copy as compelling as it could be?

Plus, hiring an expert gives you back hours, days, even weeks of launch prep time to focus on what you do best: serving your audience and creating life-changing, radical transformations.

If you have a transformation via digital course, event, or retreat, high-converting launch copy can make the difference between filling those open spots and, well, not. 


Five benefits of professionally written launch copy include:

  1. Sold out courses and retreats – imagine the confidence you’ll have knowing your launch copy sells for you 24/7
  2. Increased revenue – picture the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that you’re growing your business
  3. More time to do what you love – feel calm and in alignment because your business is running like a well-oiled machine
  4. Increased authority – be proud of finally being seen as the expert we know you are
  5. Greater impact – imagine the fulfillment of knowing you’re reaching the people who need you most


Who is it for?

Course creators, coaches, and event planners who know that hiring a pro will get them the results they’ve always been craving.

You understand that “doing it all” isn’t in the best interest of your business and leads to drained energy, low vibes, and exhaustion – a bad place to be.

But bringing in an expert you can trust to do it for you? You feel a tingling excitement knowing that hiring a professional copywriter is an excellent investment in your business, yourself, and your bottom line.

Professional launch copy is a one-time investment that continues to provide value for years to come. However long you run your course or as many times as you host your retreat, that copy serves you over and over.

This package is not for you if you’re not ready to let someone take the copy reins from you. Building a trustworthy team is an essential part of growing as a business owner. Plus, it keeps burn out at bay.


What it includes:

  • 5 Sets of Facebook Ad Copy – $1,250
      • Each set includes a short, medium, and long version to equal 15 total mix & match ad options
      • Expand your list during your launch
      • Attract qualified cold leads
  • 1 Email Capturing Opt-In – $550
      • Ebook – Design Included 
  • 1 Launch Email Sequence – $1,000
      • 7 emails
        • Number of emails in a sequence varies from 7-21 based on your product/event’s price point
      • CTAs to drive sales
  • 1 Long-form Sales Page – $2,000
      • Optimized for high conversion rate
      • CTAs to drive sales
  • Launch Strategy & Support — $1,500
      • Expert input on Facebook ad image selection 
      • Complete launch calendar
      • Audit of past launch strategy (if applicable)
      • Suggested layout of sales page
      • Availability via email and Voxer during business hours to answer any of your launch questions
      • Availability to make unlimited edits

Price $6,300

Bundle Price – $5,700

$600 Savings 


What to Expect:

First things first – we’ll jump on a discovery call together to dive deep into your previous launch strategies, your goals for your upcoming launch, your goals for your business overall, and what knowledge you have about launches so we know where to supplement. We’ll go over and fine-tune your offer to make it a no-brainer to turn your browsers into buyers.

Next, you’ll receive a complete launch calendar and audit of your previous launch strategies so we have an idea of what worked and what didn’t, and what to change for this go-around. 

Then, your sales page, email copy, and Facebook ad copy will be tackled with a ferocious desire for success and conversions. Once your copy makes it into your hands via Google doc, you have the freedom of unlimited edits, expert input on images to pair with your Facebook ad copy, and continued support all the way up to launch. 

Let’s make your next launch less stressful, more profitable, and as polished as it gets to put your business and reputation at the top of the game. Less time writing copy for you means more time transforming lives and making an impact.