It’s okay.

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“What are you doing with the life in between?

Earlier this week, I was researching a potential new copywriting client, poking around their website.

Their jewelry is stunning, but it was something else that caught my eye. Something that spoke to me.

They captured in words something I’ve been experiencing for the last year and a half and haven’t quite put my finger on.

From the moment Haylie was diagnosed with b-cell lymphoma and given a month to live without chemo, I knew regardless of what the future held, chemo or no chemo, we were living each moment on borrowed time.

Chemo bought her another year and a half of life to enjoy treats and toys, love her human and be loved in return, nap as long and often as she wanted to, and age, not so gracefully, but more in surprising (and expensive) “bursts.”

Each moment of borrowed time we lived on with each other throughout that year and a half was somehow different than the years before had been. Each night wrapping her in her little diapers before bed was profound. Each shared carton of french fries meant more than the one before it. Each “I love you,” fell into the air like a soft snow slowly enveloping us both.

We were living the life in between. Together.

This potential new client’s website mentioned ‘the life in between’ in several places, and each time I came across it, it echoed in my mind. Their jewelry is designed to remind you to celebrate and enjoy ‘the life in between.’ I sent them an email sharing about my moments of life in between with Haylie, and how touching those words were to me.

What are you doing with your life in between?

Are you breathing deep into it?

Are you letting it pass you by without significance?

Are you snuggling with your pet?

Are you watching the sun set?

Are you just using it to bridge daily life event to daily life event?

I gently invite you to consider your life in between today. I would never wish on anyone to be led to their life in between moments with a death at the end, like mine, but I do believe when we become aware of our life in between and fill it with small moments we love, we’ve found one small, but mighty, key to peace.


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