e-commerce copywriter

Gain momentum & turn your brand into a thought leader and authority. We’ll combine incredibly effective SEO with social outreach and consistent, amazing value your customers will love you for.

The value it delivers:

We both know you’re already an expert. Now, it’s time to show the entire world you’re an expert by giving you and your business the consistent SEO attention you need to climb to the top of Google search results.

This package is one of my clients’ favorites. SEO blogs deliver such incredible value to your fans – while putting you in front of beautiful new faces who are eager and craving your thoughts and solutions.

Unlike ads that you have to constantly pour cash into, pillar posts and well-designed, SEO blogs continue building momentum over the long haul. Because Google is looking for quality, you’re getting an ROI from your initial investment – meaning you’re getting a return on this package for years to come.

We’ll add email newsletters and social outreach to round out the content you deliver to your fans and make it consistent, value-driven, and easy for you to sit back and relax.


Five benefits of SEO blogs include:

  1. Rising to the top of Google – imagine how it would feel to find yourself on the first page, every time
  2. Earning new leads and more revenue – picture how fulfilling it would be watching your business and your bottom line grow
  3. Long-term ROI –  the peace of mind you’d have knowing your marketing budget is serving you for the long haul
  4. Getting in front of new customers –  Climbing the Google ladder means more people having the ability to find you and fall in love 
  5. Building reputation and authority – imagine the confidence that would come from your work being recognized for your expert, impactful stance


Who is it for?

If you don’t have a ton of time, this package is perfect for you. Why? Because I do all the heavy lifting and leg work and you get to spend your time wherever it’s needed most. 

This package is also a gem for any business owner looking to play the long game. Building your reputation and growing your online presence takes time, commitment, a lot of caffeine, and the right set of tools. If you want to truly deliver value to your audience on a consistent basis and in an impactful way, we’ll set you up with everything you need.

If you’re cruising around looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, this package, sadly, is not for you. Business owners who care deeply about their reputation and authority will gain the most benefit from this package designed for sustainable growth that pays off years after your initial investment.


What it includes:

  • 1 SEO Optimized Pillar Blog – $550
      • Written specifically to capture #1 spot in Google
      • Between 2500-3500 words
      • CTAs to drive sales
  • 3 SEO Optimized Blogs – $250 each ($750 total)
      • Each between 1500-2000 words 
      • CTAs to drive sales
  • 4 Engaging Newsletters – $125 each ($500 total)
      • CTAs to drive sales
  • 8 Social Captions – $50 each ($400 total)

Price $2,200

Bundle Price – $1,800

$400 Savings 


What to Expect:

During our initial discovery call, we’ll go over your unique business goals and what has worked and hasn’t worked for you in the past in regards to your content and processes.

We’ll iron out is how involved you prefer to be. Some of my clients enjoy providing me with topics, while others prefer I create them. We can also do a hybrid. Either way, we’ll dive deep into your brand voice and services/products, making sure we capture your tone and style.

Then, we’ll set up a content delivery schedule that works for you and your timeline.

Lastly, I’ll get started writing your copy. It’ll come to you via Google docs and you’ll have two rounds of editing included to ensure you get exactly what you want, for every piece.

We’re going to give you back your time to focus your attention on the areas of your business that need it the most. You’ll effortlessly and seamlessly have content delivered with barely any effort on your part, putting you back in the driver’s seat and steering away from copy burnout.