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DID YOU QUIT ACTING??Nope! I love that so many of you became familiar with me through my acting career, but because of that this has been the number one question I’ve gotten: people asking me what the deal is! I haven’t quit acting – and have no plans to – however, I have stepped back a bit as I focus on working to create a healthier environment for myself in Hollywood and a stronger person from the inside out. 

ARE YOU TAKING ON NEW ONE-ON-ONE MENTORING CLIENTS?I’m always open to taking on new clients, however I can’t take on all new clients. The lowdown: I’m a firm believer that the most incredibly gifted life coach, the most amazing nutritionist, the world’s most renown trainer, guru, spiritual guide, business mentor, etc., CANNOT make forward movement with someone who doesn’t truly want it and/or isn’t ready. The work we’ll do together comes down to you to instill it, accept it, embrace it, work for it, cry through it, hate me when you must, then thank me (preferably with a big bowl of mac & cheese) when you break through. 

This is the very nature of the work, and this is why I have a one-on-one phone chat with all potential clients before we say our I Do’s. I want the best results for you – and I know you do, too.

WILL YOU FEATURE MY ADVERTISEMENT ON YOUR SITE?Enthusiasm makes the world go ’round – but at this time no ads are accepted for the site outside of affiliates. I’m happy to post/review/collaborate with products and services I love and believe in, so if you’re interested in joining forces in that way instead of ads, shoot an email over to [email protected].



Have you ever felt unworthy? Not good enough? Do you have patterns of allowing toxic people and surroundings and stuff into your life over and over (and over and over and over)? Do you settle for less than you deserve in your career, your relationships, or even your own self-care? I’m not talking about a bad hair day here, I’m talking about debilitating patterns and habits you can’t seem to break out of by yourself. I’m talking about frustration with your current life or with certain areas in it. I’m talking about the exhaustion that comes with working so hard to learn to love and accept yourself, but feeling like you’re missing the tools to do so.

There’s certain areas of our lives and our behaviors and habits that we can be damn near incapable of diving into. Think of swimming: when you’re under water, you can’t see the whole pool. You can only see what’s right in front of you. But the lifeguard? They can see the whole perimeter from their fancy perch; they can see a different perspective than you have the capability of seeing at that moment you’re in the deep end.

WAIT …BUT AREN’T MY FRIENDS/FAMILY/LOVED ONES/BOYFRIEND/DOG/LIZARD/SKYPE PAL/STUFFED BEAR NAMED BROWNIE SELF-WORTH MENTORS TOO?Let me ask you this: would you want Brownie saving you if you’re drowning in that pool? I think most of us would choose the lifeguard.

Having a strong support system is an AMAZING and invaluable thing. The thing is, just like your friend Joe Bob may not be the most skilled person at saving a drowning victim, there’s certain areas of our lives and selves that our support system may not be able to, well, support. Something we find a lot of – especially with long-term, ongoing personal growth work, is that we can A) put stress on our relationships that they can’t quite handle, and B) have huge potential to grow apart from those people to begin with, stunting the growth process and giving us huge potential to stay stuck. 

An unbiased, outside perspective + a judgement-free zone + someone who can call you on your BS but more importantly teach you the tools to crawl your way through your BS …is where true growth begins breaking through. 


Check out the scoop on the Work With Me page for an overview. You’ll find:

background of how I came to do what I dothe areas most popular to find deep-rooted or potentially deep-root-growing self-worth deficiencies – I call these the Big 5 Self Worth Wakeupsoptions offered for working with me – from one-on-one to group work to online courses you can do in your jammieswhat the next step is once you’re ready to dive in


HOW WILL I RECEIVE MY MODULES FOR YOUR ONLINE COURSES?Good question! Online course delivery is set up in one of two ways (courses may vary):

1. You will receive all course content via email. I love this option when I take online courses from my favorite leaders and I try to utilize it myself as much as I can. Why? Because it’s the easiest way for you to have ALL your materials at your beck and call to be saved, downloaded, burned to disc, transferred to flash drive, cloud, you name it. How you want it, when you want it, with no possibilities of site crashes or internet outages or freak storms that may come in between you and your course when you’re itching to work on it.

2. For courses that include bulky content that may be undeliverable via email or freak out some email providers due to file size (such as videos), materials will be available in an exclusive section of AmandaGist.com

CAN I PURCHASE INTERNATIONALLY?Please contact [email protected] with your location for international purchases. The current shop setup allows for domestic purchases only. 

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO RECEIVE MY ORDER?Downloadable products and online course orders are processed immediately, all other products are processed and shipped within 3 business days.

HOW DO I RETURN MY ORDER?All product sales are final, however if you believe your order was damaged during the shipping process or if you’re having trouble with a downloadable purchase, please contact [email protected] for help.


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