e-commerce copywriter

Delight your reader, grow your list, and convert them into customers simultaneously. We’ll deliver consistent value, use magnetic SEO, and harness the power of social media.

The value it delivers:

Here’s the harsh but honest marketing truth: if you’re not making real efforts to consistently grow your email list, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Hubspot reports, “email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 3,800% ROI.” Your email list is how you always have warm leads ready to buy from you and create raving fans by staying top-of-mind. It’s the most effective way of selling – having warm, engaged leads at your fingertips.

You have an amazing product or service that you poured your heart into. Email is the best way to continue the conversation, amplifying both your marketing efforts and your marketing budget. 


Five benefits of email marketing include:

  1. An intimate connection with customers and clients – they’re inviting you into their virtual living room
  2. Fewer regulations around what you can say – with censorship at an all-time high, you protect your freedom of speech
  3. Protection from changes across platforms – you own your email list, which protects you from social media platforms that can change at the drop of a hat
  4. Opportunity for growth & sales –  email marketing provides immediate feedback that allows us to adapt and improve our strategies
  5. A warm audience – your new products or services are met with an engaged email list, ready to buy


Who is it for?

Are you interested in increasing your sales? Then this package is for you.

Building your email list from scratch or growing your existing list? This is also for you.

Or, one of the biggest reasons my clients love this package, you’ll finally be sending out marketing emails consistently.

And the best part? You won’t be spending hours at your computer coming up with content.

This package is perfect for bringing on new customers, engaging repeat customers, and putting your email marketing on auto-pilot. 


What it includes:

  • 1 Email Capturing Opt-In – $550
      • Ebook – Design Included
  • 1 Email Sequence – $125 each ($625 total)
      • 5 emails 
      • Crafted to push sale of your product or service
  • 2 SEO Optimized blogs – $250 each ($500 total)
      • Each between 1500-2000 words 
      • Suggested meta description provided utilizing blog keywords
  • 8 Social Captions – $50 each ($400 total)

Price $2,075

Bundle Price – $1,675

$400 Savings 


What to Expect:

First, we’ll hop on a discovery call together to go over your goals for your email list, your business, and your overall success. We’ll talk about the email strategy you’ve been using and what’s been working for you, as well as what hasn’t. 

We’ll iron out how involved you prefer to be. Some of my clients enjoy providing me with topics, while others prefer I create them. We can also do a hybrid. Either way, we’ll dive deep into your brand voice and services/products, making sure we capture your tone and style. 

Then, we’ll set up a content delivery schedule that works for you and your timeline.

Lastly, I’ll get started writing your copy. It’ll come to you via Google docs and you’ll have two rounds of editing included to ensure you get exactly what you want, for every piece.

Let’s take email marketing off your plate and free up your time to do things like run your business. We’ll work on growth at the same time with blog and social content and create a well-oiled machine that puts your copy on cruise control.