10 Reasons Dogs Are the Absolute Best: A Book of Tiny Tails


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Have a dog? Know someone who has a dog? Have five? This list of reasons we love them, accompanied by a collection of heart-tugging and laughable stories about the rescue dog that saved Amanda in the midst of suicidal depression, will open your heart to all the ways your dog has pawed their way into it, things we often forget to acknowledge going about our busy, everyday lives. At the end, you’ll find a special invitation.

10 Reasons Dogs Are the Absolute Best: A Book of Tiny Tails will have you slowing down to scratch those ears and rub that belly with a wide-eyed, open-hearted appreciation for your most loyal companion.

Inspired by Mary Oliver’s Dog Songs, this book honors the life of a rescue dog named Haylie who not only enhanced, but saved the life of the author over and over. There’s books that teach you life lessons, books that save you, and books that hit you right in the feels. 10 Reasons Dogs Are the Absolute Best is a combination of all three. Open it with an open heart and an open mind, ready to take the journey of Haylie and her human alongside them. You’re welcomed here with open arms.