21 Things 2021 taught me.


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“When you are a good person, you don’t lose people. They lose you.”

  1. Some people will fall away as you grow, it’s okay. Let them go
  2. It’s easy and necessary for things to change sometimes, other times it’s hard (but also necessary)
  3. There are certain things that no one else can do for you
  4. There are moments that divide your life into a before and an after
  5. Spilling a smoothie on your laptop will cause the keys to stickkkkk
  6. Debt doesn’t pay itself
  7. Some people will let you down. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you
  8. Those who have left their earth forms have a way of continuing to take care of us
  9. It’s important to learn where you feel good, and then to find a way to go be there
  10. French fries don’t, in fact, fix everything
  11. When you work out, you automatically eat better because you don’t want to ruin your workouts. It’s science
  12. Take the time and use the resources to take care of your mental health when you feel it dipping before it dips to the center of the earth
  13. Despite others’ efforts and thoughts, only you know what’s best for you
  14. Grief has no timeline, blueprint, or playbook
  15. Creating a home space that calms and soothes your senses is one of the best things you can do for yourself
  16. Sleep and sleep hygiene are very, very important
  17. You can burn the top of a stove
  18. You can burn rice in the microwave
  19. You can burn salmon on the grill
  20. Cooking is hard
  21. But learning new things keeps our minds stimulated and our lives full

To those who have been here, thank you for another year of being part of my life (of course I’m talking about 2021 but wasn’t organized enough to post this New Year’s Eve).

To those who are new here, we probably met this year through #petloss, and I hate that with a passion. But I’m grateful to be connected with you and hope that as I learn more in grief training this year I can hold space for you in different ways.


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