Photo by Christy Arias

Amanda Gist is a writer, first-time author, passionate storyteller, thunderstorm lover and mac & cheese aficionado.

Her first book is Amazon #1 New Release 10 Reasons Dogs Are the Absolute Best: A Book of Tiny Tails, a list of reasons we love them and a collection of heart-tugging and laughable stories about the depth of her relationship with the rescue dog that saved her in the midst of suicidal depression.

She writes and speaks from personal experience on a wide range of topics, from the rescue dog that saved her to difficult conversations about depression and suicide prevention. Her passion is personal growth topics like self-compassion, feeding your soul, finding your truth, and learning to get back up after a dream has been shattered.

What she’s good at: being a dog mom, making animals out of Play-Doh, listening, cooking steak, bringing love to email inboxes, and setting monthly intentions with each new moon.

What she’s working on: working less and living more, yoga, cooking salmon, regularly watering her plants, and actually reading her giant list of books to read.

Amanda also provides copywriting services for clients from clothing brands to spas to entrepreneurs to psychologists. She works closely with her clients to bring an authentic voice to all kinds of projects, from blogs to websites, email newsletters to marketing materials, TEDx talks, book proposals, and more.

She also hosts a podcast exploring the insidious black hole that is depression and every piece of life it touches through the lens of personal experience called Rising from Fire.

Media page available here, and 10 Reasons Dogs Are the Absolute Best: A Book of Tiny Tails media kit available here.

“You seem to have the amazing ability to write what I need to hear, when I need to hear it. Thank you.” – Joanne P.

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