Health Over Hollywood Turns 2.

I’ve started and stopped.

I’ve come and gone.

Forged forward and quit where I was standing.

Held it up for all to see and pulled down websites pretending they never existed.

Smiled with pride and cringed with shame.

Shifted, changed, molded, deleted, added to, removed from, built up, torn down, adjusted and obsessed. All over this thing I call Health Over Hollywood. This thing. Whatever this “thing” is.

I know it’s a hashtag.

And I know it’s become a part of me.

I don’t know what else it is, exactly. Or what else it will become.

But I do know this month it turns two, and I feel like I should celebrate that for some reason. Because with all the times I’ve given up on it over the last two years, we’re still here.

My first Health Over Hollywood post was on April 29th, 2016, and it was a Health After Hollywood post – because that was a thing for a moment. I then made a very executive decision to change Health After Hollywood to Health OVER Hollywood because I wasn’t quite sure at the time if Hollywood was done for good, so the word “after” just didn’t feel right. And here we are.

The day I’m writing this there’s 426 #HealthOverHollywood hashtag posts on Instagram. Some of this content is mine, some of it has come from others (which amazes me). And even though that’s not a lot, these posts build my little world. A little world that reflects my journey right now. And that is incredibly cool.

The other thing that’s incredibly cool is that every time I’ve had to step away from the internets for my own mental health, and therefore step away from “running” Health Over Hollywood, I’ve been able to come back to just as supportive of a community as I left from. Which has never, ever been unappreciated. It’s truly become a rock for me.

HH has gone to the other side of the country and back. It’s been onstage with a microphone. Interviewed. Photographed. Tagged. Written about. And more. And I can’t wait to see what is still to come.

Here we go into the Terrible Two’s together.

I love you. Let’s keep showing the fuck up.

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