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VIDEO: What It's Really Like to Model Victoria's Secret Swimsuits on AmandaGist.com via BuzzFeed

VIDEO: What It’s Really Like to Model Victoria’s Secret Swimsuits (via BuzzFeed)

You’ve probably (maybe…the internet’s a big place) seen this video floating around Facebook by now via BuzzFeed – six “non-models” (AKA….women) in Victoria’s Secret swimsuits replicating catalog shots of the VS models. Maybe you’ve clicked play. Maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ve already seen enough “non-models” in swimsuits this summer and don’t feel the need to watch. […]

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How to Actually Keep Your Personal Boundaries on AmandaGist.com

How To Actually Keep Your Personal Boundaries

Boundaries. Little itty bitty things that make a gigantonormous difference in our lives. Especially when you’re on the road to that whole self-discovery & personal development thing where you’re working to actually learn to love yourself. I dare you to Google anything about self-love, self-care, self-help …any of those bad boy ‘self’ terms & come up with […]

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How to Feel Better About Yourself...Fast on AmandaGist.com

How To Feel Better About Yourself…Fast

Let’s talk accomplishments. Start simple: I know it’s constructive to clean out your closet. You know it’s constructive to clean out your closet. Old stuff donated. All the stuff that’s seen better days finally tossed. Hand-me-downs off to a cozy, new, appreciative home. More space & organization? Yes, please. It’s like Christmas in the adult world. But there’s […]

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An Open Letter to Dads of Girls in the 21st Century on AmandaGist.com

An Open Letter to Dads of Girls in the 21st Century

Dear Dads of Girls in the 21st Century, I write this letter to ask you a favor that’s close to my heart: Please, for the love of God, work hard to be the traditional, honorable, respectable men of your generation in your young daughters’ lives. Teach us that success does not mean thousands of Instagram followers […]

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