The best way out is always through. – Robert Frost

Hi. I’m Amanda. And I’ve started this blog 2,389 times and have no reason to believe this start with be any different that the other starts, which ended with lots of weird spam comments about buying handbags in China. But I’m hopeful. I’m a bulimic and compulsive eater with Major Depressive Disorder, generalized anxiety, and an ICD, or Impulsivity Control Disorder (which is a very fancy way of saying I bite the shit out of my fingers/fingernails until they bleed). I’m an ex-girlfriend who finally went No Contact last year from an emotionally and psychologically abusive relationship with a narcissistic personality, a suicide prevention advocate who has spent more time than I’m comfortable admitting suicidal, and an actress who recently ditched Hollywood’s bullshit standards to work on healing and actually liking whoever I am when I’m not who my agents told me to be. This evening, January 14th, 2017, after […]